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    August 19, 2013 // No Comments »

    We will travel to Carney, Oklahoma next week to work on the rebuild of a home destroyed by the tornado. We will be there from August 26-August 30. Pray for good weather and strength to do as much as possible. We could always use a few more hands if you are available. contact Tom Hoke (281)332-6631.

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    Oklahoma tornado Relief

    July 5, 2013 // No Comments »

    Billy Fields and his wife had moved into a mobile home just 4 days before the tornado hit Carney, Oklahoma. This was before the Moore tornado. Since tornadoes love mobile homes their home was completely destroyed. We have selected this couple to help with the building of their home.
    We are planning the first work week for August 26-30. We will be staying at Chandler Friends Church at 215 N. Blaine Ave, Chandler, Oklahoma.
    Let us know ASAP who would be available to join us. All skilled levels are needed and as always no experience is necessary and no tools are needed. We will work hard and you will be fed well.
    What you need to bring are a blow up mattress, sheets, blanket, towels, work clothes and your personal items. Let me know if there are any health or dietary restrictions for food.  Looking forward to hearing from you.
    As always if you would like to send a donation to help fund the work in Oklahoma, you may send it to Friends Disaster Service, 925 E Walker St, League City, Texas 77573. All donations go directly to the work of FDS since all our staff are volunteers.

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    Work Weeks

    January 6, 2012 // No Comments »

    These are the work weeks for FDS in Joplin.

    January 16-20
    February 13-17
    March 19-23
    Let us know which one you will be able to help. They have been getting help from Catholic Charities so some extra things have been taken care of for them. God is good and He takes care of His children. Accommodations will be at Riverton Friends Church in Riverton, Kansas.

    Kathy & Tom Hoke

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    Christmas greetings

    December 23, 2011 // No Comments »

    We hope this finds you ready for the holidays.

    May your Christmas be a time of warmth from the love of family and friends. May the love of God, through the gift of His son Jesus, be the kindling that keeps this fire burning longer than just the holiday season.

    We have been blessed through the volunteers that help us each year. New friendships are treasured by us.

    A prayer concern to be shared: Dan Benke, Tom’s uncle, missed the last couple of rungs on the ladder earlier this month and hurt his knee. He will have surgery January 9 to repair a torn meniscus and a torn ACL. Pray for a speedy recovery.

    We are praying for a prosperous New Year for all. We will get back to you as quickly as Tom sets the January week work.
    Love to all,

    Tom and Kathy Hoke

    ‘For to us a child is born
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
    And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’
    Isa 9:6

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    Next Work Week in Joplin

    November 14, 2011 // No Comments »

    We had an amazing first week in Joplin. The house for James and Misty went from just a floor to two stories completely decked including roof. Thank you to the crews that worked so diligently. May God bless each of you for your willingness to be used by Him for His glory.  The next work week is scheduled for December 5-9. A cook will be needed since I can not go during that particular week.

    Let us know who can make this week ASAP.
    Blessings to all and I hope your Thanksgiving is grand,

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    Next Project…Joplin, Missouri

    October 8, 2011 // No Comments »

    Tom Hoke is in Joplin, Missouri at the time of this writing. He is there sizing up the project to help rebuild a home that stands no more. The C5 tornado completely destroyed the home and trapped the homeowner in the debris. She was not seriously injured which is a miracle in itself and her children were not at home at the time. FDS will help with the startup of a new home for her. Once Tom returns I will post details.

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    Merry Christmas!

    December 10, 2010 // No Comments »

    May you have a blessed Christmas! We are so blessed to have you as a part of Friends Disaster Service.

    To Our Volunteers
    by Lisa Ellinwood

    V is for the Very special people that you are
    O is for the Overwhelming support & compassion you offer others during their time of need
    L is for the Little things you do that make such a difference in someone’s life
    U is for the Unspoken words that sometimes mean just as much
    N is for the Need you fill when others aren’t able
    T is for the Time you give of yourselves on top of your own busy schedules
    E is for the Emotional support you continually give
    E is also for the Endless energy you all seem to possess
    R is for the Responsibility you have taken on & never once complained

    Tom & Kathy Hoke

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    Haiti Homes Update

    September 12, 2010 // No Comments »

    Greetings to all,

    I have the lastest info on the Haiti homes. This week on Wednesday 5-8 and Saturday 8-4, workers are needed to finish loading pallets and banding stacks to ready the homes for shipping.  I will have to get back to you when they firm the week, but either the last week of September or the first week of October the last of the homes will be loaded for shipment. The truck drivers, who are union truckers, only work Monday through Friday 8-5. So whichever week, workers are needed at the warehouse in League City during those hours to help load the homes. Forklifts will be used for lifting but hands are needed to manuever the pallets into the shipping containers. If you are available, let us know. Out of towners, we have housing available if needed. Once the homes are loaded, this will end our committment to this project, and we will begin something else. There is still work to be done for Ike damage. We will get with you when Tom is finished with his rehab.

    We continue to minister in Christ’s name,


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    Friends Disaster Service Lends A Hand With Heart

    August 16, 2010 // No Comments »

    This is the story of the formation of a local disaster service. The year was 1990 and there was a guest speaker at church one evening. Tom Hoke decided to attend to hear what he had to say about a Christian disaster service organization from Ohio. He had felt the tug on his heart to become active in service work. As the coordinator for the Friends Disaster Service began his talk, it was as if God was speaking himself. Tom instantly knew that this was the answer to his prayer. Without a doubt, Tom knew this was what God wanted of him. The appeal was made for a coordinator in the Texas area. This was the service that the Lord had led him to be a part. This was the birth of Friends Disaster Service. (more…)

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    Scientists Point To Previously Undetected Fault Line As Cause Of Haiti Quake.

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    The AP (8/14, Callahan) reported Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January “was unleashed by a previously undetected fault line — not the well-known one scientists initially blamed, according to an analysis of new data.” Eric Calais, a professor of geophysics at Purdue University, said “it’s unclear how dangerous the new, unmapped fault might be or how its discovery changes the overall earthquake hazard risk for Haiti.” According to Calais “most, if not all, of the geologic movement that caused January’s magnitude-7.0 earthquake occurred along the newly uncovered fault, not the well-documented Enriquillo fault.” Calais said the findings “suggest Haiti’s seismic zone is far more complex than scientists had anticipated. But the new fault’s profile, including the possibility that it merges with the Enriquillo fault at some depth, won’t be known until scientists intensively study the region.”

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